Busy is the life…

I started a new job at the beginning of the year. It’s been fortunate to return back to work and my career as so many people in my field are experiencing layoffs. The macro-economic reasons for this are many, but my own experience in tech has been most people are among the hardest working, most dedicated people I’ve met. It is white-collar work, which many often demean, but it is real work.

I’ve been working to rebalance life accordingly. After a year off, the extra 40+ hours I wasn’t at work was spent well. Refactoring that back into my spare time has compressed it a bit. I’m fortunate to have family, partners, and friends who are understanding of that.

With all that copious spare time, I have slipped in co-founding two separate community groups – a local polyamory social group, Keep Portland Poly; and a local Druidry Seed Group, the Oakheart Druids. Both groups are off to a great start and are growing. Community is important to me, and being able to meet the right people and partners to get these started has been an incredible blessing.

My Druidry practice has continued, and I am at the end of the Ovate grade. In the next week I’ll be taking the necessary steps to move ahead to whatever lies in store next. Living in the present has become easier; I look ahead far less than before, but I smile with glee for what is still to come.

Zefram recently turned 6 years old. He creates continually, whether drawing, writing, telling stories, or just making jokes. He loves to laugh, and I enjoy hearing his laughter and voice echo through our home. Raising him is among the greatest work of my life.

Speaking of, it’s time to get back to him. I’ll catch up later.